A simple web chat [talk·eeo] let's you easily create new chat channels right here in the browser. To create a new chat channel, just enter a name in the channel field above. Then, after joining, you can share the URL to invite more people.

Here's a live example:

Hint: If you would like a somewhat more private chat, generate a random channel. Note: This will NOT be 100% private, just harder to guess the URL.


You can embed a chat like below on your own site.

1. Customize the chat window..

  • Will also be public at:

  • * Optional: You can customize how the chat looks by adding your own CSS file. It will override the default.

2. Copy the code below onto your site.

That's it. Done! You should see your chat like the demo below.

Terms: By adding to your site you agree to the following terms: This chat service is provided under an "as is" condition. It might change or will be discontinued without prior notice. The creators of this service can't be held liable in any way. preview

Note: The above example is just a demo and not a real chat.

Using a WordPress blog?

There is an unofficial WP plugin that you can install.

Tips & Tricks

  1. If you use a hash tag (#), it automatically turns them into channel links, like #lobby.
  2. If you paste a link to an image, it will show the image inline. Also, pasted URLs will turn into links.
  3. There is some (limited) Markdown support: __bold__, _italic_, `code`, > blockquote, * list, --- hr, ~~strike~~, [alt](link) and ![alt](image.jpg).
  4. If you're using as a Fluid desktop app, to login with twitter you need to "whitelist" it first. Go to Preferences > Whitelist and add **, see screenshot.


Please visit for any kind of feedback. The channel might not be occupied at all times, but feel free to leave a message. You can also send us an email to or tweet to @tlkio.

We also have a public trello board, so you can comment/vote on upcoming stuff.


This chat service is open to anyone. Use at your own risk. The creators of this service can't be held liable in any way.


We would like to thank node.js,, Ruby on Rails, Redis, jQuery and everyone else that made this chat possible.

Made by

Two hairy dudes.. Code avatar antstorm, design avatar simurai.

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